Payment Options

Bristol Family Dental Center accepts virtually all types of insurance, including PPO, HMO and Denti-Cal plans.  We are a preferred provider for most PPO plans, and we accept patients from almost every HMO provider.  Please note:  HMO patients must be assigned to our office by their respective plans, or request that they be transferred to our office before they can be seen.

We accept payment with cash, check or credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.  We also offer CareCredit to customers who qualify, allowing our patients a “no-interest” financing option to help cover the costs of healthcare.  Please visit for additional information.

On a limited basis, Bristol Family Dental Center is pleased to offer qualified patients its own internal “zero-percent” (0%) financing alternative.  This option is available only to select patients and requires a significant deposit in the form of a post-dated check.  Other conditions and restrictions may apply.

Please contact our office for additional information about Bristol Family Dental Center’s zero-percent financing policies, insurance coverage benefits or other payment options.  Our friendly staff will be happy to address all your payment questions.